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Clickable 40,000 Free MCQs of verbal intelligence test, non verbal intelligence test, mechanical aptitude test, general knowledge, interview questions, IQ Tests simple math questions, interview multiple choice questions or MCQs you will find here. Class 9 to 12 or O & A Level Students can prepare for any kind of Entry Test or Exam. If you want to see how well your child is prepared for a chapter, tell him to attempt that chapter and see his results. If you are not satisfied with his performance, tell him to attempt again and you will find 10 to 20 percent improvement, the answers which he ticked wrong, the software tells him correct answers instantly and psychologically that goes to mind.

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Intelligence Tests

Physics 11 & 12
General Knowledge Chemistry 11 & 12
Simple Math for Interview Math 11 & 12
Pak Studies Biology 11 & 12

Islamyat/Islamic Studies

Vocabulary Building Exercises

Sentences For Word Association Test

Analogy Tests
My Story Of Success At ISSB

( Just for your guidance)

Aptitude Tests

New for ISSB

Completed English Sentences

Computer Class 11&12

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Date Line

ISSB Step by Step E-Book Entry Test Dates
Word Association Test E-Book CSS, Army, PAF & Navy Dates
200 Sample Sentences

Admission Dates

Urdu Sentence Completion

Result Dates

English Sentence Completion  

CSS Past Papers

For Everybody

Class 9 & 10 Board Exam

Very Useful for ISSB, C&SC and Promotion Exams

Commonly Misspelled Words

Physics 9 & 10

Test Your Grammar

Chemistry 9 & 10

Every Day Science

Vocabulary Building Exercises

Math 9 & 10

Current Affairs

Must Know Math

Biology Class 9

Pakistan Affairs

Hard Words Easy Meaning

Biology Class 10

English - Précis and Composition

  Computer Class 9&10

Optional Subjects

   History of The USA Cute Kids Corner  

Name the Picture - Vocabulary


Cute Math

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